Time Deposits

Dinar Time Deposits

The Bank takes RSD funds into time deposit, with or without special purpose.

ALTA bank offers you the chance to deposit your liquid surplus funds for any period you wish, under favourable interest rates, earning thereby interest income.

At your disposal are:

  • Time deposits in dinars
  • Foreign currency time deposits


Foreign currency time deposits

ALTA banka holds foreign currency time deposits with or without special purpose.

Basic deposit conditions:

  • Deposit currency: EUR or USD
  • Minimum deposit amount: 10.000 EUR/USD
  • For terms longer than one year the Bank shall offer favourable interest rates;
  • Interest rate shall be fixed depending on deposit term, deposit amount and market conditions;
  • Upon client’s request the deposited funds may be withdrawn (in full amount or partially), before the maturity date.


NameFon numbere-mail
Kosta Džalev011/2205-531kosta.dzalev@altabanka.rs
Andreja Tavčioski011/2205-534 andreja.tavcioski@altabanka.rs