Start-Up family credits

We have prepared a special offer of affordable loans for all future parents, especially those who are interested in IVF programs.

Start-Up Family loans allow you to finance:

  • In vitro fertilization at clinics of your choice, at home or abroad;
  • Travel and accommodation costs for overseas interventions;
  • Stem cell storage and storage;
  • Baby equipment and products for expectant mothers;

Unique interest rate for all clients applying for a loan, the amount of which depends only on the repayment period of the loan..

Simple procedure and fast loan realization with special benefits!

  • Favorable interest rate;
  • Fixed interest rate;
  • Monthly interest rate remains the same during the whole repayment period, regardless the euro exchange rate oscilations;
  • Loan repayment period up to 72 months;
  • You have no obligation to direct your income to account with;
  • For amounts up to RSD 900.000 no endorser required;
  • No deposit required;
  • No obligation to secure a loan;
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