Overdraft Facility bearing fixed interest rate

If you need some additional money, this is very simple solution. You may use the approved amount for your needs, interest rate shall be applied only on the utilized amount and for the days of utilization.

Payment accounts holders (individuals) are entitled to request the approval of overdraft facility as soon as the first inflow of earnings or pensions is credited to this account and if a positive balance is recorded at the time of the overdraft approval.

An overdraft approval may be granted upon your written application upon the Bank make assessment of the following data: applicant’s average account income for three months period (account turnover), Credit Bureau Report, employer’s confirmation on applicant’s last three month’s net salary / last pension cheque (concerning new clients who at the time of application do not have three month’s salary / pension income) and confirmation on deposited security instruments.

Product’s characteristics:
Credit amountMaximum up to 1,5 of the net average salary in the three previous months, not exceeding 1.000.000 RSD
Credit currencyRSD
Repayment periodUp to 12 months
Nominal interest rate per month26,00%
Interest rate calculation methodConform method
Credit processing feeFree of charge
Credit repaymentFlat upon maturity
Credit disbursementBy calculation of the authorized overdraft under the current account
Security instrumentsOne applicants blank solo bill of exchange


Authorized overdraftRepaymentNKS(%)

Annual level

EKS(%)Interest gross amountTotal
100.000,00 RSD12 mounths26.0026.3825,924.82 RSD125,924.82 RSD

Credit bureau charge: 246,00 RSD

Fee for one bill of exchange: 50,00 RSD

Fee: free of charge

+381 11 2205 647