Documentation to be Presented with the Completed Application Form for Credits and other Forms of Financing

The following documentation is requested:

  • Contract on establishment of the corporation and Articles of Association
  • Excerpt from Serbian Business Registers Agency
  • Report of Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia on categorization of companies
  • Forms OP and PIB
  • Card of deposited signatures
  • Report of the Credit Bureau of Association of Serbian Banks
  • Financial Statements (Balance Sheet and Income Statement) for at least two previous years, financial projections for the future period - until client fulfils his obligation in full, as well as auditors report for medium and big enterprises. The same documentation has to be presented for a guarantor that undertakes obligations instead of a credit applicant
  • Data on indebtedness, current and future obligations
  • Data on extended sureties under credits
  • Turnover on Banks accounts and average balance of accounts
  • Turnover on other banks accounts and average balance of accounts
  • Data on frozen accounts
  • Consolidated balance for group of clients connected by the same ownership structure

Apart from the mentioned documentation, for long-term credits client has also to present:

  • For credits from EUR 50.000 to EUR 500.000 in RSD or in foreign currency denomination, data of the client (and his guarantor) on their income, cash flows report for the previous year and projection of cash flows for the future period of credit repayment.
  • For credits over EUR 500.000 in RSD or in foreign currency denomination – a business plan with projections of the balance sheet, income statement and the cash flow projection for the period at least equal to the credit tenor and/or Feasibility study and Investment justification study.