Savings term deposits in dinars

  • ALTA banka offers savings term deposits in dinars under very favorable conditions;
  • Deposit tenors are: 2, 3, 6,12, 24 and 36 months;
  • On savings term deposits in dinars the Bank shall apply fixed interest rate and the compounded method of calculation.

Basic Features:

Deposit TypeDeposit in dinars with interest calculated and payable upon maturity
Deposit AmountRSD 5.000,00 min
Indexation CriteriaNo indexation
Interest rate (NIR- Nominal and EIR-effective interest rate)Fixed at annuallevel
Charges for clientNo charges

Interest rates as of 17.4.2020.

Deposit Term At sight2 months3 months 6 months 12 months 24 months 36 months
Interest rate (at annual level0.00%1.75%2.00%3.00%3.50%3.75%4.00%
EIR (at annual level)0.00%1.75%2.00%3.00%3.50%3.75%4.00%


Deposit Cancellation Before Deposit Maturity

In case that the client submits his request for deposit cancelation before maturity, the Bank will pay the deposit amount with interest calculated until the moment of cancellation, by application of the fixed nominal interest rate for sight deposits.

Automatic Time Deposit Renewal

The Bank shall inform the Depositor on terms of deposits renewal at least 15 days prior to time deposit’s expiration. The Depositor is entitled to terminate the Time Deposit Contract within the period of 30 days from reception of Bank’s notice.

Unless the Depositor terminate the Time Deposit Contract in 30 days from reception of Bank’s notice, the Deposit shall be considered as automatically renewed for the same period and with the interest rate stated in the Bank’s notice.

Deposits may be renewed with or without the interest accrued for the original time deposit period

Deposit Insurance

ALTA banka is a participant of the mandatory deposit insurance system governed by the laws of the Republic of Serbia.Detailed information available at www.aod.rsYou will receive our offer at Bank Branch counters.The Bank shall treat data on saving deposits as business secret, guaranteeing full data safety and deposits availability.

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