Internet Cards

Visa Virtuon Payment Card

  • Convenient, Simple and Safe
  • Purchase Via Internet Both In Serbia and Abroad
  • Pay By Visa Virtuon Card of ALTA Banka

    AVAILABLE TO ANYONE– card user may be any mature individual, local or foreign, having residence in the Republic of Serbia, even if he is not Bank’s client.

    TO BE USED ANYWHERE– at any local or foreign websites marked VISA. However, ALTA banka highly recommends using VISA VIRTUON card for purchasing exclusively at reliable websites.

    SAFE – Spending under VISA VIRTUON card is tied to a dinar or foreign currency account, specially purposed for purchase via Internet. In this way you may fill these accounts only with the minimum funds you need for the concrete purchase.

    ADDITIONAL SAFETY – Daily spending limit is EUR 2.000,00 (or counter-value in dinars).

    To obtain VISA VIRTUON card, you only need to fill in the Card Issue Request and to open a foreign currency account in ALTA banka with minimum balance of EUR 20,00 and RSD account with minimum balance of RSD 500,00 RSD.

    To effect payment by VISA VIRTUON card you need:

    1. Card number
    2. Protection three digit code (CVV2) printed on the back of your card (Security code)
    3. Card’s expiration date

    VISA VIRUTONis regularly issued for the three years period.

    ALTA banka shall not be responsible for the quantity or quality of goods/services purchased via Internet, neither for the sellers behaviour.

    Contact phone numbers:

    +381 (0)11 2205 689
    +381 (0)11 2205 690
    +381 (0)11 2205 683

    Advice for the Safe Use of Visa Virtuon Card

    • Keep your VISA Virtuon card at the safe place;
    • Keep safe the confidential data as the card number (PAN), card expiration date and three digit safety code (CVV2);
    • Keep your computer operative system used for the transaction execution up-dated;
    • Use the latest up-dated Internet browsers (for example: Internet Explorer 8);
    • Use the anti-virus programs with the latest definitions;
    • Make purchase only at reliable websites;
    • Get acquainted with the delivery conditions and complaints options with the online seller before purchase;
    • Make sure that the address in Internet browser starts with https:// instead of http://
    • Keep records on every purchase via Internet you make;
    • Find the seller’s contacts (phone or e-mail) before you make purchase and get acquainted with the details not clear to you;
    • Always print or make scan of your order;
    • Keep funds in special purpose accounts in amount just sufficient enough to make the concrete purchase.

    IMPORTANT: Any card loss or theft has to be reported immediately to the Customer Service at phone number printed on the back of the card.