Business Cards

ALTA banka a.d.Beograd issues business payment cards to corporate clients and or entrepreneurs, Banks clients requesting solid financial base for every transaction.

  • For corporate clients and entrepreneurs;
  • Reliable financial instrument in every situation;
  • For payments in Serbia and abroad;
  • Your funds are at your disposal 24 hours a day;
  • Modern and simple way of making payments;
  • Safe payment instrument based on unique PIN number disclosed only to you.

    Business cards issued by ALTA banka are charge business cards enabling you to subsequently meet your monthly obligations, until fifth day of the following month on the basis of Bank’s specification.

    You can choose from:

    • DinaCard – busines card for payments in Serbia;
    • Visa Business – card for payments in Serbia and abroad.

      What are Business Cards used for?

      Employees of your company can use the Bank’s Business Cards for payment of business expenses (in accordance with the regulations in force):

      • Payment of plane, train or bus tickets
      • Payment of rent-a-car service
      • Payment of hotel and restaurant costs
      • Payment of business lunches
      • Payment of accommodation costs and other expenses of your business partners
      • Payment of other business costs

        Advantages for the Company?

        • Better insight and control over expenditures – employees’ expenses,
        • Funds at disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
        • Less cash to be drawn out of your company’s account,
        • Simplified and more precise control over the business trip expenses.

            Advantages for Visa Business Cards Users?

            VISA Business Cards users enjoy discount prices in many hotels, agencies and other institutions having arrangement with VISA International. Use this opportunity when you are on the business trip. See for the details in

            ++381 (0) 11 2205-603

            IMPORTANT: Any card loss or theft has to be reported immediately to the Customer Service at phone number printed on the back of the card.