Credit Cards

ALTA banka a.d. Beograd issues DinaCard and VISA Classic credit cards

ALTA banka offers the following credit cards:

Credit Card

  • Enables deffered payments for goods and services;
  • For payment of goods and services at sale points in Serbia with the sign DinaCard sign;
  • For drawing cash at ATM machines and counters of ALTA banka as wesll as other banks in the Republic of Serbia;
  • It is based on the credit limit approved on revolving basis;
  • The used portion of the credit limit will be the base for the interest calculation. Interest will be calculated from the first day of the month following the undertaken transaction. Thus, zero interest is payable for the first month.
  • There is no duty of transferring the monthly earnings/pension to the Bank;
  • Card issue term is one year and re-issue – 2 years;
  • The maximum amount of the credit limit depends on the client’s credibility and may reach the total amount of client’s five monthly earnings, but cannot exceed RSD 1.000.000;
  • You will receive the monthly report on transactions undertaken and maturities (the Statement),
  • Minimal monthly repayment will be as you choose: 8,33%, 5%, 3,33%, 2,5% or 2% of the debt,
  • The interest shall be calculated only on the used portion of the credit limit.
  • The limit shall be renewed by repayment of the monthly installment or of the entire current debt;
  • Choose a model of the card and the repayment mode in accordance with your needs.




Classic credit card


Visa Credit card of ALTA banka a.d. Beograd with chip is designed on state-of-art technical solutions providing highest security level. Each card has integrated chip, which makes any kind of abuse practically impossible. Chip technology is the most modern way of protection of data stored on a card, preventing card copies production

VISA Classic Revolving card is issued on the basis of:

  • Current account with regular monthly inflows or
  • Special purpose current accountor
  • Special purpose foreign currency deposit.

Visa Classic credit card is approved in dinars, without currency close applied.

Visa Classic credit card is a modern non-cash payments instrument enabling deferred payments both in Serbia and abroad. This card is acceptable at any sale points, POS terminals and ATM machines in Serbia, wherever the sign DinaCard is indicated.




Documentation required with the Application

  1. Completed Application Form for loan product (1 copy in original);
  2. Conformation on employment and income of the loan user/endorser certified by the employer (1 copy in original, signed and certified by the employer’s authorized persons)
  3. Invoice of the car seller/company/Invoice/ Original / 1 copy;
  4. Personal identification document of the applicant/endorser (1 copy – photocopy);
  5. Decision on inscription in Courts Registry - only for owners of agencies and independent shops (photocopy - original for inspection) 1 copy;
  6. Decision concerning Tax on income issued by Tax Office (original for inspection) only for owners of agencies and independent shops;
  7. Certification on paid tax on income and tax basis issued by Tax Office - only for owners of agencies and independent shops (photocopy - original for inspection);1 copy;
  8. PPDG-5 form required for all applicants being tax payers in conformity with the Individual Income Tax Law (photocopy - original for inspection) 1 copy;
  9. Bank’s statement on turnover on the current account for previous three months (if no account opened with the Bank) original, issued by the bank where applicant has current account with regular income (1 copy);
  10. Pension checks from previous three months (for pensioners) - Original or photocopy (1 copy)
  11. Consent of applicant/endorser that the Bank may require the report from the Credit Bureau (original signed by the applicant/endorser)1 copy;
  12. Decision on Administrative Order / Original certified by the employer of the applicant/endorser / 2 copies
  13. Permanent order for settlement of the borrower’s obligations (Original signed by the client) - 2 copies
  14. Draft Authorization for applicant / endorser / Original signed by applicant/endorser / 2 copies
  15. Confirmation on the received valuables / Original signed by the applicant /3 copies;
  16. Questionnaire for individual clients (trasante) - Original signed by the client - 1 copy;
  17. Questionnaire on connected persons – Original signed by the applicant – one copy

All required documents should be presented by the applicant personally

IMPORTANT: Any card loss or theft has to be reported immediately to the Customer Service at phone number printed on the back of the card.